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What Are PFAS?

  • A group of long-lasting, man-made chemicals that have been used in many consumer products and some manufacturing processes.
  • PFOS and PFOA are two of the most commonly used chemicals out of thousands of PFAS Chemicals.
  • EPA updated a health advisory stating that negative health effects may occur when PFOS and PFOA are detected in water at concentration levels near zero.

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What Are VOCs?

  • Organic chemicals that have extremely low boiling points, causing them to become gasses and vapors very easily in their surroundings.
  • VOC’s can get into groundwater from spills and leaking underground tanks and are carried by the wind into surface waters.
  • Some common sources of VOCs in drinking water include; paints, stains, petroleum solvents, pesticides, automotive liquids, and dry cleaning wastes.

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Reduce More Than 70 contaminants in Your Water including PFAS (Forever Chemicals)*

The K5 with VOC Guard offers exclusive, seven-stage protection to ensure you always have great-tasting, clean water. The seven-stage filtration process includes multiple stages that can be customized to tackle your specific water challenges.

7 FlexFilters to Choose From

  • Purfecta® Bacteria/Virus Guard
  • Arsenic Guard
  • Perchlorate Guard
  • Chloramine Guard
  • Sediment Prefilter
  • Carbon and Sediment Prefilter
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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Customize Your K5 with our FlexFilters

Sediment Prefilter

The Sediment Prefilter cartridge is designed to reduce sediment content during the prefiltration stage. It is commonly used for well water supplies.

High Capacity Carbon/Sediment Prefilter

The High Capacity Carbon/Sediment Prefilter cartridge is designed to reduce sediment and chlorine content during the prefiltration stage. It is most generally used for municipal water supplies or in cases where water is treated with chlorine.

K5 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

The reverse osmosis membrane is the heart of the K5 Drinking Water Station and its design is exclusive to Kinetico. It is not a FlexFilter and does not need to be replaced regularly like FlexFilters.

Taste and Odor Postfilter

The K5 Drinking Water Station’s postfilter reduces tastes, odors and aesthetic chlorine before water is consumed to ensure it tastes great.

Perchlorate Guard

The Perchlorate Guard cartridge significantly reduces perchlorate in water. Perchlorate is a byproduct of certain forms of manufacturing, but it can also occur naturally.

Purefecta® Guard

The Purefecta®​ Guard cartridge generates biopure drinking water by significantly reducing 99.99999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses.

Arsenic Guard

The Arsenic Guard cartridge is specifically designed to reduce arsenic (AS III) in water.

Mineral Plus

The Mineral Plus is an additive cartridge that lets you add beneficial minerals such as magnesium and calcium to your treated drinking water.

VOC Guard

Our VOC Guard significantly reduces volatile organic compounds like pesticides, paints, cleaning supplies and other chemicals that may be in your water. 

Chloramine Guard

The Chloramine Guard cartridge is designed to significantly reduce chloramine, a chemical compound made of free chlorine and ammonia. Chloramine is used to treat approximately 1/3 of US municipal water sources.


How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Reverse osmosis, or RO, is a water treatment process in which water passes through a semi-permeable membrane which allows water molecules to pass through and leaves others behind. Reverse osmosis is known for producing great-tasting pure water and being highly effective for contaminant removal. The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station uses exclusive seven-stage protection, including reverse osmosis, to ensure your family drinks and cooks with water that is free of heavy metals, minerals, chemicals, and any bad tastes and odors.

Cook, drink and bake with k5 reverse osmosis water

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Contaminant-Free Water For Everyone and Everything

  • All your family members have great water with the K5 Drinking Water Station®. Pets love clean, contaminant-free water too!
  • Water houseplants with K5 water and know you aren't adding contaminants to the soil.
  • Rinse your foods with water from your K5's dedicated tap. Wash away possible pesticides and contaminants without adding any.

Eliminates bad tastes & odors

  • The K5 reduces chlorine & other contaminants that cause water to taste and smell bad.
  • Water from the K5 produces crystal-clear ice cubes free of funny tastes, preventing your drinks from unwanted flavors.
  • When K5 drinking water is used to cook and bake foods, flavors and aromas are even more satisfying.

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*The K5 Drinking Water Station with VOC Guard can reduce over 70 contaminants in your water when using the Taste and Odors Postfilter, Purefecta® Bacteria/Virus Guard, and RO Membrane.